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The Energy Medicine Academy

The Energy Medicine Academy offers various trainings to become a trained and certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. You can choose from the intensive 100h Energy Medicine Practitioner Training or individual 20h training programs such as Reiki, Sound Healing and Shamanic Training. 


100h Energy Medicine Practitioner Training

I created a signature 5-month training to teach you about many different Energy Medicine Techniques such as Reiki, Sound healing, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Smudging, and Shamanic practices such as guiding Cacao Ceremonies.


You can choose from two different  20h Reiki training programs. In the Reiki Master Program, you will learn how to self-apply Reiki, and give 1:1 and Group Reiki Sessions – You will get initiated with the first three levels and become a Reiki Master. In the Reiki Master Teacher Program, you will get initiated with the Master Teacher symbols, learn how to initiate and teach Reiki to others as well as learn how to promote your business online.


In the 20h Sound Healing Training, you will learn all about sound. From music theory, the different brain wave states, learn and practice different healing instruments such as Crystal and Tibetan healing bowls, Gong, Chimes and the Shamanic Drum. You will learn how to hold a 1:1 sound healing session as well as a group sound bath.


In the 20h shamanic training, you will learn about different shamanic cultures and their practices. You will learn how to do a shamanic healing journey, work with power animals, learn about different smudging and herbal practices and learn all about ceremonial cacao. At the end of the training, you will know how to host cacao ceremonies from different cultural origins (Mayan, Andean, Brazilian).

Tamara's Private Offers


1:1 Healing Sessions

I offer 1:1 Reiki, Access Bars, Sound Healing, Ceremonial Cacao Sessions and Mentoring Sessions. These modalities help you regulate your nervous system, balance your energy centers and release what is holding you back from your full potential. The modalities have transformational effects on a  physical, mental and spiritual level.


I collaborate with Hotels and Companies internationally to create impactful retreats for their customers. Ranging from extended weekends to week-long retreats. Each retreat is customized to client’s needs and offers a variety of different practices, group workshops and 1:1 sessions such as Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops, Sound Baths, Cacao Ceremonies, Breathwork Sessions and much more. (Individuals can also book a private group retreat at request)

Healing Circles

My healing circles are unique group experience that are set up around different topics. They are an immersion of different techniques such as embodiment, sound healing, energy work, shamanic practices such as working with ceremonial cacao, breath work, mindfulness and meditation.
Meet Tamara
My mission is to introduce people to energy medicine practices and spread my knowledge about their powerful preventative and regenerative effects – My goal is to create a movement of energy medicine advocates on a global scale.                                                            Growing up as an Austrian/Brazilian child my spiritual journey began at a very young age. Although I was always very intuitive and compassionate it was not until the age of 13, when I began working in the international fashion industry, that I truly started researching topics such as mindfulness, meditation and spirituality….

What People Say About My Experiences

Some of my clients were so kind to write a testimonial about their experience with me. If you have participated in any of my group workshops or 1:1 sessions I would love to hear about your experience as well 🤍 Know that your voice can inspire others to embark on their healing journey!
I booked various Reiki & Access Bars Sessions over two months with Tamara and it was such a great and heart opening experience! Tamara has such an empathic and calm presence, I enjoyed every single session with her! No matter how stressed or overwhelmed I started into a session, afterwards there was just a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. I can highly recommend booking sessions with Tamara and experiencing her guidance!
I am very appreciative for the workshop dedicated to spiritual growth offered by Tamara. Information about the inner child was most enriching and powerful. Her loving ways to express her thoughts, teach the subject matter and provide recommendations are always very appropriate. I fully recommend exploring there workshops for the evolution of your spiritual world.
The Reiki Session with Tamara let me enter into a transcendental state. The exchange of the universal energies through the palms of Tamara let me connect with each cell of my body. The session left my body and my chakras extremely balanced and enabled me to have an open and clear mind for the world. Reiki is truly a very transformational and powerful tool that heals your body, mind and soul . It serves as a guide for my personal journey in this world.
I did Access Bars and Reiki sessions with Tamara. Her sessions really helped me to transform and heal issues I’ve had in the past. She has a very strong energy and a beautiful aura. You can really feel it during the session. She’s very committed and takes good care of you during the session and I can definitely recommend booking a session with her and try it out and see for yourself.
Tamwe coaching
I am beyond grateful that you came across me! I would love to get to know you better and help you reach your highest potential.
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