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I’m Tamara Weiland – Spiritual Healer & Coach

My mission is to help people reach their highest potential by teaching them the tools and techniques to live a more balanced, mindful, joyful and abundant life. Growing up as an Austrian/Brazilian child my mindfulness and spiritual journey began at a very young age. Although I was always very intuitive and compassionate it was not until the age of 13, when I began working in the international fashion industry, that I truly started researching topics such as mindfulness, meditation and spirituality.

As you probably might know, the fashion industry is one of the most competitive ones and I started working and living in many different countries and continents. Working in such an industry really affected my mental and physical health, and I knew I had to do something about it. That is why around 2014, I started to implement and practice mindfulness, meditation and yoga more frequently and I saw that it started to transform my life for the better.

After years of researching and participating in many different workshops and ceremonies, I gathered a lot of knowledge and felt the need to share it with people. Hence, in 2018 I began sharing content about spiritual topics and healing practices because I knew from personal experience how overwhelming all the topics and spread out information was. As I wanted to assist people even further with their spiritual journey and help them heal from deep-seated wounds, and limiting beliefs I started my coaching business in 2020. In 2021 I became an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer, and Priestess of the Violet Flame.

Since a young age, I always asked myself: ‘What is my mission on this planet?’ ‘How can I leave a positive impact and feel truly fulfilled?’ ‘What is my highest purpose?’

Now, I can finally confirm that I found my passion and mission which is to assist people to step into their full potential, by integrating their body, mind and soul.
My goal with my 1:1 coaching and healing sessions is to take individuals from a place of self-doubt, fear and anxiety to mindful, balanced and thriving. It is to guide them to reach their full potential and find their purpose in life. ✨

My spiritual Journey

My Timeline


Start of my Modeling Career and Spiritual Journey


Start of my Awakening and Deep Dive into Spirituality


Teaching People about Spiritual Topics


Start of my Coaching Business


Certified Reiki Master Healer, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Priestess of the Violet Flame

Certified Healer

My Certifications


My Service and Offers

I offer a variety of 1:1 packages that can be done in person or from a distance and hold special workshops for groups. The goal is to help you integrate your body, mind and soul to be able to live a balanced life and be able to live at your full potential.

1:1 Coaching Programs

At the moment you can benefit from my ‘SOUL RETRIEVAL’ signature program my, ‘MINDFULNESS’ program and ‘TRANSFORMATION’ mentoring program.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki sessions can be held in person, or from a distance through a zoom call. Both have the same powerful effect as energy can travel through time and space.

Access Bars Session

Access bars sessions need to be in person, as it is a healing modality that requires physical tough of the 32 pressure points on your head.

Healing Circles

My healing circles are a powerful way to heal as a collective in a transformational ritual. I combine various healing modalities such as reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, guided meditations and embodiment practices. You can book a healing circle for private events as well.
Tamwe coaching
I am beyond grateful that you came across me! I would love to get to know you better and help you reach your highest potential.
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