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Tamwe Coaching Method


Meditation & Mindfulness

A variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques are taught to enable you to live in the present moment, decrease your anxiety and stress and help you gain access to your subconscious mind.

Shadow Work & Inner Child Healing

Shadow Work and Inner Child Healing Techniques are taught to understand ‘negative’ patterns and break free from them by learning how to accept and integrate them.

Energy Healing

Healing modalities such as Reiki, Acces Bars, Crystal and Sound Healing are applied to enable a profound healing experience that transforms and transmutes limiting beliefs and energy blockages from a mind, body and soul level.

Embodiment Practices

Embodiment practices such as breathwork, dance, yoga and self-love practices are taught to help you feel more joyful, alive and help you connect to yourself, to earth, to others in a more profound way.

My Certifications

1:1 Coaching Program

Signature 3 Month Program

From seeking purpose and meaning, feeling confused and living in lack mentality to being aligned, purposeful and feeling fulfilled. 

This program will enable you to re-discover your true potential by shifting your awareness to a more aligned, peaceful and confident state. 


3 Months -12 Weeks

We will embark on a transformational journey of 12 weeks that will give you the tools and techniques that you can apply for a lifetime.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Learn powerful meditations and mindfulness exercises that are going to help you with your challenges and help you stay balanced and centered in your day-to-day life.

Weekly 1:1 Zoom sessions

Every week we will have a 60-minute zoom session. So in total, you will get 12 hours of 1:1 guidance.

Inner Child & Shadow Healing

‘Time does not heal wounds’ but shadow and inner child healing do. In order to heal we need to become aware of what is limiting and holding us back and accept all parts of us. With the techniques that I will guide you through you will dive deep into your subconscious mind and heal from the inside out.

Additional Whatsapp Support

After each session, you will receive ‘homework’ to practice during the week. In case you need any further assistance I am always here for you.

Distance Reiki

You will receive three 60 minute powerful distance Reiki Sessions to balance and heal blockages from a mind, body, and soul level.  Energy travels through time and space, so it is the same as you would receive energy healing in person.

How the program is set up:

For more information on the program, you can schedule a free introduction call with me.

Distance Reiki

Each month you will receive a 60 min distance reiki session to help you accelerate your healing process from a body, mind and soul perspective.

1st Month

The first month is about getting into the present moment with mindfulness and meditation techniques. We will create a plan on how to best tackle your daily challenges and goals.

2nd Month

In the second month we will focus on inner child work. I will guide you through a process that will help you understand your behaviors, triggers, wants and needs. By doing that you will learn how to differentiate your inner child and your adult self.

3rd Month

In the third month we go even deeper by integrating all ‘unseen and unwanted’ parts of yourself, this is the so called ‘shadow work’. By doing this work it will bring tremendous ease and self-growth.

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