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Guided Meditation

A variety of meditation techniques are taught to enable you to live in the present moment, decrease your anxiety & stress, and help you gain access to your subconscious mind. 


Sound Healing

Instruments such as crystal bowls, shamanic drums, chimes, tuning forks, gongs and more are used to impact the body and its meridians helping you promote deep relaxation, induce total relaxation, release emotional trauma, and relieve stress and anxiety. 


Energy Healing

Healing modalities such as Reiki, Violet Flame, Crystal Healing are applied to enable a profound healing experience that transforms and transmutes limiting beliefs and energy blockages from a mind, body and soul level. 


Embodiment Practices

Embodiment practices such as Breathwork, Dance, Yoga, and Self-Love practices are taught to help you feel more joyful, alive, and help you connect to yourself, to earth, to others in a more profound way. 


1:1 Coaching Program

New Moon Healing Circle on the 30th of MAY 2022

On Monday, May 30th a dear friend of mine Verena-Magdalena, a very talented sound healer and songwriter and I are going to host a New Moon healing circle. The new moon is a time to set intentions for your manifestations and launch new projects. Since new moons happen once a month and signify the beginning of a cycle, you can think of them as a cosmic reset. Connecting to these lunar energies can provide grounding and a sense of direction.
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Monday May 30th

Start 5:30 PM -7:30 PM


*In case of cancellation due to weather conditions, the event will be postponed. Ticketholders that are not able to attend will receive a full refund. Otherwise, Tickets are only refundable in case of a proven sickness. 


Meetingpoint 5:20 PM at Lusthaus

Address: Freudenau 254 1020 Vienna, Austria / Schwarzenstockallee 3, 1020 Vienna. Easily accessible by Car, Public Transport or Bike.


Limited Spots available

There are limited spots available so purchase your ticket now to reserve your place.
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