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Reiki Healing

I apply Reiki, a universal healing energy to help you balance your energy centers. It has transformational effects in physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Sound Healing

Sound is a very powerful and special way to alter different parts of the body with healing vibrations. This can help release tension and energy, and promote emotional balance. Soon I will offer 1:1 sound healing sessions, where I use shamanic healing instruments, crystal and Tibetan healing bowls. At the moment I only use sound healing in my healing circles.

Access Bars

When running the bars you will be able to release your limiting beliefs and anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life.

Healing Circles

My healing circles are a powerful way to heal as a collective in a transformational ritual. I combine various healing modalities such as reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, guided meditations and embodiment practices. You can book a healing circle for private events as well.
Certified Healer

My Certifications

I Offer 2 Different 1:1 Healing Modalities:

1:1 Session

Reiki & Violet Flame Healing

Reiki originates from Japan and is a holistic energy healing practice as it involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to their client. The violet flame is a high-frequency energy that transmutes any energetic blockages in your body and auric field. It is part of my reiki healing session. Reiki Healing sessions can be done in person or also through a distance, as energy travels through time and space. It has the same effect energetically. I offer 60 minutes sessions or monthly packages. If you are looking to book an in-person session, please reach out to me prior to booking.
1:1 Session

Access Consciousness Bars

Access Bars is a technique from Access Consciousness, which is a set of tools, techniques, and philosophies that allow you to create a dynamic change in every area of your life. It is a way of getting the joy of living back. When “running the bars” you will be able to release limiting beliefs, and anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. The Bars, a series of 32 points on your head hold all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime. All that is stored in our (sub)consciousness. When the bars are stimulated by touch you are able to release what is no longer serving you. Making you more open to receiving miracles and manifesting your dream life. Access Bars Sessions are 60 minutes and can only be done in person. Please reach out to me prior to booking. I offer single 60 minute sessions or a monthly package.
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