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Mindfulness changed my life. I believe if the whole world would live mindfully, we would live in a more peaceful and present world. People are constantly stressed and anxious because they live either in the past or the future. Mindfulness teaches us how to live in the present, without judgement. That is a quality that everyone should learn about and why I wanted to create an online course to make it available to anyone who wants to change their life to the better.
What you will get

The Course Overview

This is what you will get when signing up for the online mindfulness course.


Scientific Evidence

  • What Mindfulness is
  • How it affects the brain
  • How it reduces stress & anxiety
  • Proven scientific benefits

Mindfulness Exercises

  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful listening
  • Mindful seeing
  • Mindful breathing

Guided Meditations

  • Body-scan meditation
  • Seeing meditation
  • 5 senses meditation


  • Journal prompts
  • Mantras
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Audio files

And yes, maybe you feel like this is just the way it is being human; being stressed & anxious all the time.....


What People Say About My Experiences

Some of my clients were so kind to write a testimonial about their experiences with me. If you have participated any of my online workshops, healing circles, reiki/bars sessions, or took my coaching sessions I would love to hear about your experience as well 🤍 Your voice matters to encourage others to their healing journey!
Lina Austria

I booked various Reiki & Access Bars Sessions over two months with Tamara and it was such a great and heart opening experience! Tamara has such an empathic and calm presence, I enjoyed every single session with her! No matter how stressed or overwhelmed I started into a session, afterwards there was just a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. I can highly recommend booking sessions with Tamara and experiencing her guidance!

Birkan Turkey

I really appreciated the coaching of Tamara. She helped me understand the importance of breathing, appreciating my surrounding as well as dealing with anxiety and stress. She utilizes many techniques which facilitate you to appreciate the power within yourself.

Karoline Brazil

The Reiki Session with Tamara let me enter into a transcendental state. The exchange of the universal energies through the palms of Tamara let me connect with each cell of my body. The session left my body and my chakras extremely balanced and enabled me to have an open and clear mind for the world. Reiki is truly a very transformational and powerful tool that cures your body, mind and soul . It serves as a guide for my personal journey in this world.

Emily USA

Tamara is an excellent coach. She's very experienced and knowledgable. When doing her inner child healing workshop she was calm and kind. DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone!!

Lucas Brazil

I booked coaching sessions with Tamara as I was feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. With the meditation and mindfulness techniques that she taught me, I was able to change the way I was thinking and feeling. Thank you so much for your help and guidance! Highly recommend it to anyone.

Anja Austria

Tamara is an understanding, warm-hearted coaching expert who helped me change my habits for the better and helped me understand my true potential. She taught me various meditation, mindfulness techniques and helped me integrate my inner child and shadow wounds. Now I can cope with various life situations in a more understanding way and feel very balanced. I really recommend anyone to have Tamara as a spiritual coach.

Marcos USA

The coaching sessions with Tamara were very informative and transformational. She gave me several techniques on how I can lower my stress levels and live more balanced. Tamara is a great listener with a calm presence. Definitely recommend anyone to book a session with her!

Sidey Costa Rica

I am very appreciative for the workshop dedicated to spiritual growth offered by Tamara. Information about the inner child was most enriching and powerful. Her loving ways to express her thoughts, teach the subject matter and provide recommendations are always very appropriate. I fully recommend exploring there workshops for the evolution of your spiritual world.

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