Healing Sessions

I offer 3 different healing packages. You can either book a single healing session or monthly in-person or distance healing sessions. As energy travels through time and space the reiki distance healing works just as well as in person.

Single Healing Session


Per hour

Monthly Distance Healing


Per Month

In-person Monthly Package


Per Month


1:1 Coaching

I offer a signature 3-month 1:1 program and single coaching sessions. In the 3-month  ‘Signature Program’ you will be able to transmute deep-seated wounds and beliefs and learn different techniques to balance your body, mind and soul.

60 minute Coaching Sessions


60 minutes

Signature Program


3 Months

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The free 15-minute Introduction call is there to get to know each other better. We will go over your goals and challenges and see what program would help you out the most.

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